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NCC X-Calibur for Construction Chemistry

The main objective is to introduce innovative products and services to cope with the new technologies of this industry worldwide and maintaining the
international high quality production process.

wide range of chemical construction products

NCC X-Calibur is producing a wide range of chemical construction products, through its wide products range that is more than 500 products including Concrete Admixture, Concrete Repair & Finishes, Coating Systems, Flooring Systems, Jointing System, Grouts and Adhesives, Waterproofing Systems and Surface Treatment Systems.

technical system

NCC X-Calibur is committed to have a complete technical system, with complete trained team members to support its clients during all project processes starting from the owners, contractors, consultants and special applicators.

Technical Provision

Our Technical Provision is covering all the applications and technical solutions. This is supported by technical data sheets, method statements and technical catalogues expressing wide range of complete systems of applications in details.

In addition our company has a complete quality systems alongside with the R&D department to reach the optimum satisfaction for our clients. NCC X-Calibur believes that it’s assets and capabilities of it’s well trained technical staff are the keys of success for any industry.
NCC x-Calibur is keen to providing constant and continuous training programs for its engineers and technical employees to enhance their skills and increasing their knowledge concerning new ideas that the construction chemical industry offering around the globe.

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Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision
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