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X-Mix AC X-Mix AC is a chloride free and water reducing admixture
supplied as a solution which instantly disperses in water.
It disperses the fine particles in the concrete mix, enabling
the water content of the concrete to perform more
effectively and thereby improving the consistency of the
concrete. This produces higher levels of workability for the
same water content, allowing benefits such as water
reduction and increased strengths even at low
X-Mix MortarPlus X-Mix MortarPlus is supplied as a light brown coloured
liquid which mixes readily with water in any proportions.
It is based on polymerised resins and is free from
calcium chloride and similar salts. When added to the
mortar X·Mix MortarPlus entrains a controlled quantity of
air which imparts greater workability and cohesion to
the mortar, and increases its durability once set. use. of
X-Mix MortarPlus reduces thermal movement and drying
shrinkage in the cured mortar. X·Mix MortarPlus can be
used in conjunction with X-Mix NCA , a chloride free
accelerator to obtain acceleration of set. X-Mix NCA
should be added first, followed by the X-Mix MortarPlus.
X-Mix MS920D X-Mix MS920D is an industrial by product silica fume
used as a supplement to cement to produce and place
high performance durable concretes.
X-Mix PFA60 X-Mix PFA60 is a high efficiency pozzolanic material,
obtained by selection and processing of power station fly
ashes resulting from the combustion of pulverised
bituminous coal. X-Mix PFA60 is subjected to strict quality
control to ensure consistency.
X-Mix UW X-Mix uw is a chloride free water soluble polymer
supplied as a fine powder. X·Mix UW produces a gel in
the water which surrounds the cement partides and
protects them from washout.
X·Mix UW delays the initial set of concrete and so allows
longer transport and placing times. Once the concrete is
in place, no washout will occur.

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