Product Description English Data Sheet Arabic Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Method of Statement
X-Shield AC Primer X-Shield AC Primer is a water dispersed epoxy based anti
-corrosion primer for use with a wide range of top coats
X-Shield Primer AR X-Shield Primer AR is a water based sealing and
penetrating alkali resistant primer. It can be applied to
concrete, renders, plaster boards and cement boards.
X-Shield WD Primer X-Shield WD Primer is a high performance water
dispersed epoxy primer used as a primer for various
coating systems.
X-Shield WP Primer X-Shield WP Primer is a two component, low odor,
water-based epoxy primer for use on green and damp
concrete followed by over-coating with various polyurea,
epoxy and polyurethane coatings and sealants on
concrete, asphalt, brick and masonry surfaces.
X-Shield VaporStop HB X-Shield VaporStop HB is a moisture tolerant, two
component solvent free epoxy primer. On curing it
produce a high cross link density barrier coat that
prevents the debonding of coatings and floor toppings
due to high moisture vapor emission rates (MVER).
X-Shield Primer ZRE X-Shield Primer ZRE is a high performance zinc rich
epoxy coating for use as an anti-corrosive primer for
structural steel and Re - Bars.
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X-Shield CR Primer X-Shield CR Primer is a chlorinated rubber primer suitable
for structural steel, machinery, marine applications and a
primer for concrete substrates.

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