Product Description English Data Sheet Arabic Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Method of Statement
X-Roc PileCap C X-Roc PileCap C is a single component, shrinkage compensated, pilecap repair product manufactured from selected cements, aggregates and additives. null
X-Roc PileCap E X-Roc PileCap E is a multi component, high performance fluid epoxy resin designed to encapsulate piletops in the range from 5 to SOmm. null
X-Shield Bugfill X-Shield BugFill is a high build thixotropic epoxy resin for filling bug holes (blow holes) in concrete, and surface imperfections in steel, prior to the application of epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea coatings. It is also used as a
general purpose adhesive, liner and bedding compound.
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X-Roc EpoxyPatch UW X-Roc EpoxyPatch UW is an epoxy mortar specially formulated for use on concrete and steel in immersed and wet conditions. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications. null
X-Roc ResiCrete S X-Roc ResiCrete S is a high strength epoxy mortar for the repair and grouting of concrete. It can also be used as a lining mortar. null

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