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X-Tech DecoQuartz QB X-Tech DecoQuartz QB is a combination of colored quartz
aggregate and 100% solids liquid epoxy resin that when
applied, forms a seamless, colorful, chemical resistant
and long wearing floor.
X-Tech DecQQuartz EF X-Tech DecoQuartz EF is a ready-mixed, decorative and
protective floor and wall finish incorporating coloured
quartz aggregate bound in a high performance polyure­
thane resin. X-Tech DecoQuartz EF is used as an exterior
or interior finish over prepared concrete, masonry, plaster
or drywall surfaces.
X-Tech DecoQuartz TF X-Tech DecoQuartz TF is a three component, trowel applied
3 to 6mm thick epoxy floor screed that produces a non
slip, abrasion and chemically resistant floor that is
decorative in appearance. It is supplied with a clear
epoxy resin and a wide range of colored quartz
aggregates. By combining the various colors many
individual color combinations can be produced.
A high temperature resin is available in area subject to
temperature up to llOC.
X-Tech StoneFlow X-Tech StoneFlow is a cement based self smoothing,
heavy duty decorative screeding system which is supplied
in a wide range of colors and aggregate finish and is
shrinkage compensated and rapid setting. The system is
specially designed for use in industrial, institutional,
commercial and residential environments, on both new
construction and renovation projects. It is designed for
applications in cases of exposure to heavy traffic and
X-Tech EpoxyTerrazzo X-Tech EpoxyTerrazzo is a seamless flooring system
designed to provide decorative, abrasive and chemically
resistant properties. X-Tech EpoxyTerrazzo is a blend of
durable pigmented epoxy resin with synthetic or natural
coloured aggregates or glass. It is laid by trowel then
ground and polished to a highly decorative finish.
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