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X-Tech EpoxyFloor TF X-Tech EpoxyFloor TF is a three component, trowel
applied epoxy floor screed that produces an extremely
dense, durable, abrasion and chemically resistant floor.
A fast cure grade is available that can accept pedestrian
traffic after 3h at 25C and vehicular traffic after 4h at
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X-Tech EpoxyFloor TU X-Tech EpoxyFloor TU consists of special resins and
graded aggregates formulated to withstand chemical
attack and impact. The product is supplied as a three
component system. X-Tech EpoxyFloor TU provides a
surface ready to receive applications of other NCC X­
Calibur flooring systems.
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X-Tech NovaFloor SF X-Tech NovaFloor SF is a highly chemical resistance fast
cure epoxy novalac floor screed supplied in a semi fluid
form to ensure fast application.
It is supplied in two version:
X-Tech NovaFloor SF3 applied at 3mm
X-Tech NovaFloor SF5 applied at 5mm.
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X-Tech DuraDeck ET X-Tech DuraDeck ET is a rapid setting, solvent free, three
component, 100% solids epoxy based concrete system.
When used with Dynagrip® or other skid resistant aggre­
gate produces and extremely hard wearing skid resistant
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