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X-Tite InjectionGrout EP -Tite InjectionGrout EP is a pure epoxy resin grout used
to grout and inject gaps from 0.2mm to 15mm.
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X-Tite lnjectionGrout PU100 X-Tite InjectionGrout PU100 is a low viscosity
polyurethane grout designed to react with water to
form polyurethane foam for sealing water leaks and
stabilizing soil.
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X-Tite lnjectionGrout PU200 X-Tite InjectionGrout PU200 is a two part solvent-free,
low viscosity polyurethane resin system. When mixed in
the proportions supplied reacts to form a tough, flexible
resin. X-Tite InjectionGrout PU200 has good adhesion to
concrete and masonry and when injected into cracks it
allows movement without loss of bond.
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X-Tite InjectaHose PU Resin X-Tite InjectaHose PU Resin is a low viscosity
polyurethane grout designed for use with X-Tite
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