Product description English Data Sheet Arabic Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Method of Statement
X-Seal 3C AF X-Seal 3C AF is a unique cold caulking cord supplied as a
ready for use cord. The product is dampened, packed into
the joint and tightly consolidated with a hammer and
caulking tool to form a solid pressure resistant joint. The
fiber reinforcement enables the joint to withstand
hydrostatic pressure immediately the product is
compacted. The product can accommodate vibration and
normal deflection, as well as expansion and contraction
caused by temperature variations.
X-Seal Fillfix Foam X-Seal FillFix Foam is a single component, self expanding,
ready to use moisture cured polyurethane foam.
X-Seal Tape Seal DB X-Seal TapeSeal DB is a double sided butyl adhesive tape
that has high cohesive and adhesive strength and
contains anti-oxidants, fungicides and anti-bacterial
agents. It is available in several widths and thicknesses
X-Seal Tape Seal SB X-Seal TapeSeal SB is a single sided butyl adhesive tape
on an aluminum polyester laminate film.
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