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X-Pruf CrystalCoat X-Pruf CrystalCoat is a one component, crystalline
cementitious material that penetrates new and old
concrete to resist hydrostatic pressure.
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X-Pruf ElastoCem X-Pruf ElastoCem is a two component polymer modified
waterproof membrane which is supplied in readymix kits.
When mixed, an easily brushable coating is produced. It
can simply be applied by a stiff brush, roller, or trowel to
obtain the desired thickness.
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X-Shield BituCem X-Shield BituCem is a high performance, multi function
flexible bitumen and polymer modified cementitious
coating used for waterproofing and protection of concrete
from aggressive ground conditions
X-Shield AcrylCoat X-Shield AcrylCoat is a high performance, multi function
elastic acrylic coating used for waterproofing. A solar
reflective grade is available on request
X-Shield FlexCoat X-Shield FlexCoat is a high performance, multi-function
flexible cement coating used for waterproofing,
resurfacing and concrete protection.
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X-Shield FlexPruf X-Shield FlexPruf is a high performance, flexible elasto­
cement coating used for waterproofing and dampproofing
of concrete and masonry.
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